- 2014 YW Presidency Planner -


I just became the 2nd Counselor in the 
YW program in our ward.
Needless to say I was excited but overwhelmed
with the new responsibilities and workload. 

I've seen so many cute Primary Planners
that I searched the internet for a YW Planner;
one that would simplify all my new assignments.

I couldn't find one...so here's the one I created!

Full Planner - Purchase Here
Free Printables Below!


The Planner Includes (23 Pages)
- Presidency Monthly Tasks
- Secretary Tasks
- New Beginnings Planning Sheet
- Young Women in Excellence Planning Sheet
- BYC Agenda Sheet
- Opening Exercises Agenda Sheet (For YW or Activities)
- YW Presidency Meeting Agenda
- Laurel Presidency Meeting Agenda
- Mia Maid Presidency Meeting Agenda
- Beehive Presidency Meeting Agenda
- Reference List (with Helpful Reference Links)
- New Beehive Kit List (with Links to Items)
- 2014 Monthly Calendar

If you want a different color or additional pages added,
I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Just leave a comment below.

And there's also a freebie for you;
You can download the YW Presidency Monthly Tasks below,
along with the Reference List and New Beehive Kit.

The {Reference List} includes all the important links
to items you will need like Permission Slips, Reimbursement Forms, etc.
The {New Beehive Kit} lists all the items I take to my 
new Beehives when I go to meet with her and explain the program.
Links to all the items needed and free downloads are included!  

 Full planner available in my store.

Here's a few other binder cover options with the 2014 theme!

YW Binder - YW President sm



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