- Halloween Survival Kit -

I'm am SO excited about this kit!
Even though it's still summer, 
according to Hobby Lobby,
Christmas is right around the corner
My goal is to get these kits rolled out
a few months before the actual holiday is here
so we'll all be ready to go!

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Background Behind the Project
I don't know about you,
but I'm one of those moms that has the best intentions
every holiday to make it special for my family.
it seems like things usually get super hectic
and my awesome amazing plans either
#1) Totally bomb
#2) Don't even happen.

Not to mention I'm a big pinterest fan,
and I find that I'm not quite up to par...

There are fabulous cookies to make...

Really elaborate parties to throw...

Fancy dinners to create...

And these super cool costumes tp make from scratch!
25 Budget Halloween Kids Costume Ideas 

My time is precious to me and so are my kids.
I want to have wonderful Halloween or Holiday memories each year,
but I also want it to be as stress-free and/or fail-proof as possible.

I started brainstorming and looking for an all-in-one kit.
Something I could purchase and have everything at my fingertips,
be a super fun and cool mom
and be able to still have free time.

Jokes aside, I figured there were other moms out there
that also want the same fun, but stress-free holidays
so I created the
- Halloween Survival Kit -

The idea behind the kit is that it has a little bit of everything
and it's all ready to go for you!
Print it off and store it in a Halloween File Folder
and you are ready to go every Halloween from now on!

The kit includes:
  1. A printable To-Do list to help you get ready for Halloween
  2. Blank Calendar
  3. 6 Printable Games
  4. 3 Label or Packaging Options
  5. Halloween Countdown
  6. Links and Lists of Activities
  7. Printable Decorations
  8. Recipes

With this kit, you've got all areas of Halloween covered 
and they are all simple, cute, fun, and quick!

Planning a fun Halloween this year will be fun and easy!
And maybe now you can sit back and enjoy the holiday
not only this year, 
but for years to come.

And what's a post without a freebie?!
If you've followed my blog before,
you know I love freebies!
Below you can download 
(played like Don't Eat Pete)

 Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

 ***Side Note***
I've changed my Etsy Store name to 

The inspiration for the items I create are to not only be "Timesavers",
but to help you free up more of your time
and create fun memories with your family and friends.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
Most of the items I create are due to the fact
I can't find what I'm looking for online or in stores;
so if there's something you need created,
I'd love to help out in any way I can!
Have a great Summer!

- Halloween Subway Art -

Halloween is right around the corner
and I've been working on a kit that includes
games, activities, recipes, decorations and more!
Planning Halloween will not only be fun,
but easy and stress-free!

 Lately I've really enjoyed decorating with Subway Art.
It doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and it's darling!
Within seconds, I can change the Holiday mood
and it's all stored in a single frame
(versus boxes and bins in my basement...)

Easy access, easy reach, easy to change and easy storage!

Thanks for stopping by!

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