Family Tree for Under $10

In the post below, I show you how to paint
clear contact paper to make a family tree;
since then I've recently discovered you can 
buy black contact paper!
I now sell Black Contact Paper for $.70 a foot in my {Store},
along with a similar version of the Family Tree for $11.99.

The benefit to using contact paper instead of vinyl
is the black contact paper is not only easier to apply,
but is movable and you can re-position it
a few times before it loses it's stickiness;
whereas vinyl shrivels once you decide to move it. 

Keep reading! 

Today I'm really excited to start 
sharing some decorating ideas on a budget.

My story with decorating on a budget
starts back when my husband and I were
married four years ago and both in college.
It can be tough but it's so much fun to learn
to be creative and use what you have.

Then our sweet little girl came along and
with that some more budgeting. 
When we got our apartment almost two years ago,
I was thrilled to have $25 to decorate our entire little "home."

Since then we have now moved into a house,
which is amazing and so fun to call our own.
Budgeting is still a necessity 
and so we find ways to stretch what we have
and find being creative is half the fun!

We try to spend between $25 - $35 a week on groceries
and I've slowly been decorating room by room
with a craft budget of $25 a month.
I figured there's got to be other people out there
like me that are on budgets but want to 
still enjoy making things and doing crafts.
That is the entire reason I created this blog,
to provide tips, freebies, ideas and affordable items
so hopefully there's no one that
"can't have it because they can't afford it!"

On to the good stuff!
My cute sister-in-law got this amazing Family Tree
and I wanted to use it in our hallway.
Unfortunately, $39.99 wasn't going to work
for us so I put my brain to work to figure 
out how I could make one.

I went to our local dollar store and 
picked up 7 different frames,
along with the "Family" quote.

Now for the fun part
(and my biggest decorating secret!)
Contact Paper!

This stuff is incredible! 
Vinyl can get pricy,
but this stuff is only $5.50ish for a huge roll!
I paint on it, cut it, use it to hang items, 
stick it on the wall without it removing paint,
and lots more that I'll be sharing in the future.

Here's the rest of the process on how 
you can make your own family tree.
  • On the WRONG side of the contact paper, draw your leaves, branches, and stump.
  • On the RIGHT side of the contact paper, you'll be able to see through to your drawing on the backside. Cover the areas with 2-3 coats of paint. (I used black acrylic paint)
  • After the paint is completely dry, apply a thin layer of modge podge.
  • Once modge podge is dry, turn it back over to the WRONG side so you can see where to cut.
  • Peel of backing and apply on wall where desired.

Good luck!

Click HERE
to print the pattern
or find it on my {Freebies} page.

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments!


  1. I'd love a pdf of the pattern if you could... Thanks, Cheryl

  2. Great idea for the family tree! It looks fantastic!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I think it looks great! I feel terrible that you didn't have any link-ups last week! I had the page opened to link up, and thought I had. I guess I closed the tab before I linked. :(

  4. I absolutely love love love this! I am so going to do this when we move it to our house! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you will link this up to my Delight Me party over at Doodles & Doilies!

  5. Just added a free pattern for those of you who would like to download or print a copy. Thanks!

    1. Hello,
      Just happened upon your blog via Pinterest. Love your Family Tree tutorial, but don't see the pattern or preview anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?

  6. Great idea! And thanks for the tip on using contact paper. Vinyl is fine, but too spendy. I'm a new blogger. Please stop by and say hello.

  7. That looks amazing, I would love to give it a try

  8. this is so cute and creative. perfect for my family room. I'll have to think about it.


  9. That is one of the cutest thing I've seen! Thank for the little bird branch, too, that's the cutest part.

    Kimberly @ the brown eyes have it

  10. This is awesome!! Yours looks so much better than the $39.99 one! :-)

  11. Thanks for linking up to my Delight Me party last week! I am so in love with this! I want a house so bad so I can decorate! I hope you will link up some more of your great crafts this week!

  12. This is so neat! The day we buy a home, I am doing this to a wall!
    We would love to have you come link up to our party, Crafty Lassie Tuesday.
    We are having a giveaway! Hope to see you there :)
    Heather & Rose

    Check it out!


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