New Tip

So personally, I don't enjoy scrapbooking 
each photo multiple times 
for different people in the family, 
but I also realized that I didn't 
want to necessarily order the same scrapbook 
for each child in the family 
each year, especially when not 
every page pertains to each child. 

As I was thinking about what to do, 
an idea came to me that not only 
saved me even more money
but I think makes a great "traditional" gift 
for your kids each year! 
Gift_box.gif - (11K)

When you scrapbook in PowerPoint, 
you can export your slides as .jgps or pictures. 
I exported my entire scrapbook as photos, 
and then went to and 
ordered 4x6's of the photos I liked 
for my little girl.

I then bought a cute little 4x6 photobook
from Ross and inserted all the pictures. 
Now she not only has her own "slobber proof" scrapbook, 
but I didn't have to scrapbook any additional pages 
and her entire 2010 scrapbook cost less than $10!

Dollar_2.gif - (2K)Dollar_2.gif - (2K)Dollar_2.gif - (2K)

Getting Started!

I'm so excited to get this started 
and help people with a new and fast way 
to get pictures bound and saved forever! 

If you have questions, 
please leave a comment with your ideas and/or questions. 
Happy Scrapbooking!
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