Give a Child Christmas

My cousin recently went to Romania 
to give handmade quilts to orphaned children.

Some of them were living in pipes! 

It inspired us to want to help others 
so my husband and I looked to see who
needed help in our immediate area. 

We contacted the 
and asked what we could do for the kids this Christmas. 
We offered Christmas stockings, stocking stuffers and outfits for the kids;
however, her answer surprised us. 
She replied she'd like pillows and pillowcases 
so the kids could have their own

It shocked us that something so 
simple would make an incredible Christmas gift!
We asked her to put together a list of what else
was needed and the list consisted of
sleeping bags, towels, wash cloths, handsoap.

We've set a goal to raise $500 for the 
Sandy Boys and Girls Club this Christmas; 
any amount of money to help us reach our goal 
is greatly appreciated!  

If you have any questions or suggestions, 
please email me and thank you! 
Please click on the button below to donate.

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Free Clip Art

Each month I will provide 
links to free clip art for the
season and holiday at the very bottom of my blog! 
Be sure to check it and 
get scrapbooking kits for free!

New Tip

So personally, I don't enjoy scrapbooking 
each photo multiple times 
for different people in the family, 
but I also realized that I didn't 
want to necessarily order the same scrapbook 
for each child in the family 
each year, especially when not 
every page pertains to each child. 

As I was thinking about what to do, 
an idea came to me that not only 
saved me even more money
but I think makes a great "traditional" gift 
for your kids each year! 
Gift_box.gif - (11K)

When you scrapbook in PowerPoint, 
you can export your slides as .jgps or pictures. 
I exported my entire scrapbook as photos, 
and then went to and 
ordered 4x6's of the photos I liked 
for my little girl.

I then bought a cute little 4x6 photobook
from Ross and inserted all the pictures. 
Now she not only has her own "slobber proof" scrapbook, 
but I didn't have to scrapbook any additional pages 
and her entire 2010 scrapbook cost less than $10!

Dollar_2.gif - (2K)Dollar_2.gif - (2K)Dollar_2.gif - (2K)

Getting Started!

I'm so excited to get this started 
and help people with a new and fast way 
to get pictures bound and saved forever! 

If you have questions, 
please leave a comment with your ideas and/or questions. 
Happy Scrapbooking!
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