- Toddler and Children's Chore Chart -

A while back, I posted this post on a Chore Chart idea.
I've come up with an additional idea
and wanted to share it with you today.

This Chore Chart has the same appeal and idea as the other,
it's just faster and easier to make and change.

Each chore chart design comes with a set of matching
square and rectangle labels.
You can either write the chores on the labels,
or tape pictures onto them as I did below. 

Then as your child completes each chore,
they are able to slide it over to the "Done" side.
Easy for the toddler, child, or parent to see what's
completed and what is needs to be finished.

I laminated the chore chart and labels
and glued magnets onto the back.
It stays on our fridge where my daughter and I
can work on it together in the mornings.

At this point since she's only 3,
I've given her three chores.
1) Read a book (or rather look at a book...)
2) Make your bed
3) Star represents a special chore mommy needs help with

For more ideas or cute pictures to make your own labels,
click {HERE}.

These chore charts are for sale in my store,
either in the {Digital Format} or {Printed Format}.
I'm happy to personalize it too!

I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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