Awesome Site!

This site has a huge selection of items
you can personalize with your photos! 
Mugs, cards, purses, coasters, puzzles and more! 

They also have tons of discounts for signing up with them 
and you can usually get things shipped for free 
if you watch for their codes. 

They have become my new favorite site for 
ordering photo prints. 
It's only $.06 for a 4x6 or $.12 for a 5x7! 

I like to print the pages I've scrapbooked 
and there have been a few places I've gone 
where the coloring comes out different 
or an edge has been cut off or sometimes 
a white border has been added where it wasn't cut right; 
ArtsCow prints them crystal clear, with the  
exact colors and size I order. 

I highly recommend this site because 
not only are they the best price around, 
but they also provide the 
best quality 
that I've been able to find so far!

Free Fonts

 I absolutely love this site!
Free fonts to make your scrapbook cute
Here's some steps if you need help:

1) Click on a font, proceed to the next page 
and select "Download Now"

2) Save the zipped file to your desktop

3) Extract the zipped file

4) Go to Start, Computer, Control Panel, 
Appearance and Personalization, then Fonts

5) Drag the extracted font file into this folder

Next time you start Word or PowerPoint, 
you should see the font in the font options. 
Different computers may have 
the font folder in a different area 
since I'm using Windows 7

If you need help or have questions, 
email me or leave me a comment! 
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