Thanksgiving Bingo, Countdown, and Thankful Cards

So I wasn't able to get a Thanksgiving Survival Kit
done this year, but I got a few things done
that were favorites from my

Bingo seems to be the absolute favorite
so here's one for Thanksgiving.
I started with 6 different cards
and kept getting requests to add
"just two more ..."
In the end I ended up with 32 different cards
so the Thanksgiving one is starting with 30 different cards.

The other two items are 
Thanksgiving Advent Calendars
to countdown to Thanksgiving.
One is an Autumn Tree and you can either
add or take away a leaf each day. 
The other is a turkey you can add the feathers
to each day until Thanksgiving.

Both countdowns come with 32 different cards
to help give ideas of what to be thankful for.
Use one each day with your countdowns
or just use them at the dinner table for conversation starters.

Thanks for stopping by and have a 
Happy Halloween!


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