"I'm now so excited to be
scrapbooking again and preserving special memories
through a medium I love and is
sooo cheap (free!) and convenient!"
- Shauna

"Digital Scrapbooking is a husband's best friend."
- Gavin

"Scrapbooking has never been so
fun, fast, easy and full of options.
Thanks for simplifying my life."
- Leanne

  • Simple: Easy to understand and create simple to advanced looking scrapbooks. Import photos, choose a theme and create a scrapbook in less than half an hour. 
  • Compact: All your scrapbooking supplies on your computer. Portable, easy backup, cleanup with the press of a button, clear from curious little hands, and much more… 
  • Re-Usable: Copy pages or order additional scrapbooks for each family member. Embellishments can be reused indefinitely! 
  • Artistic: Be as creative as you want with no limitations. Cut, copy, paste, use whatever embellishments and fonts you like in any order, any position. 
  • Price: Spend only $.20 per color printed page, embellishments and all. What could cost $60 to print 600 photos now costa $30 to print and bind your entire scrapbook. 
  • Binderless: Design your own cover and print your scrapbook at copy centers or order online. My 200 page scrapbook is only half an inch thick!
  • Online Storage: All your hard work backed up online! 
  • Options: Don't like your edits? Click undo! Scrapbook no matter how much money or knowledge of scrapbooking you have. My eBook Tutorial Guide guides you from start to finish with links to free embellishments and more along the way.
  • Keep It Clean: Do several pages in just 20 minutes! When your child comes in to play or it’s time to make dinner, simply save and power off.

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