Family Vacation
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So the next vacation our family plans each year
is our {Family Vacation.}
This is a vacation where we get away
somewhere together.

It doesn't have to be far or expensive;
just an opportunity to be together
and do something different than the day to day.

Here's the steps we take to plan our {Family Vacation}.

1. The Location
  • Picking Where to Go: Since we're on a budget, we generally pick places that are close. 
    • Enjoy Utah has 10 easy vacations in Utah planned for you on her site, complete with where to stay and what to do.

2. Choosing Where to Stay
  • Hotels: We generally stay in hotels on our vacations. Expedia and Priceline can help you get some great deals. 

  • Camping:  Camping is another really great way to go if you're not wanting to spend a lot of money. Here's a {free camping checklist} for what to bring.

3. Choosing How to Get There
  • Flying: If you choose to fly, AirFareWatchDog can is a great site to set up price alerts so you can get the best price.

  • Driving: If you choose to drive, here's a few of my favorite "Road Trip" posts with ideas and free printables!
    • Road Trip Date
    • Rad Road Trips
    • {Tip:} If you call Bing (1-800-246-4411), you can say "Cheap Gas" and the area your traveling in and it will give you the best gas prices nearby!
4. Food
  • Breakfast: We always stay in Hotels that have free continental breakfasts to save money on food. We try to stay in Hotels that have the hot breakfast because they usually have more choices and you can grab a fruit or yogurt for a snack later.
hotel Atlanta -- Montmartre - near Sacre Cœur church - continental breakfast - croissants - charming hotel
  • Dinner: For dinner we usually eat out and enjoy trying new places. Again, if you call  Bing (1-800-246-4411), it will give you a list and rating of different places to eat in the area, along with phone numbers and directions.
  • Lunch: I saved this for last because in the past, we usually brought a small cooler filled with:
    • Bread
    • Cheese
    • Meats
    • Sandwich dressings
    • String Cheese
    • Yogurts
    • Apples
    • Carrots
    • Granola Bars
    • Treats
    • The last time I was pregnant, I couldn't keep dinners down, but could eat lunch just fine. (Anyone else only had night sickness?) We didn't want to be wasting money on food I couldn't keep down, so we ate out during lunch and ate our sandwiches and simple snacks for dinner. And we found we liked eating this way better! Why?
      • Cheaper meals! Lunch prices are quite a bit cheaper but you generally get the same amount of food as a dinner portion. Many times we kept our leftovers and just ate them for dinner.
      • We were on the go all day so a big lunch kept us full, but then we also "worked it off" during the rest of the day. Ending with a small meal and then relaxing was a great way to finish the days.
5. Packing

UPDATE: New All-In-One Packing List & Kid's Packing Cards found here!

All-In-One Packing List with Bonus Kids Packing Cards - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  • Children's Packing List: This {free printable} is great for babies or small children.

  • Adult Packing List: Use this {free printable} checklist to remember what to pack.

  • Before You Leave Checklist: Be sure to lock up tight and follow the steps on the {Before We Leave} list before you head out.
6. Traveling Tip
  • Bing 411: Bing 411 has been an amazing tool for us as we've traveled. For those of you who don't have internet on your phones, this is your answer! There's no charge to use it, other than the usage of your minutes and texts. Here's a few of my favorite features:
    • Find directions and phone numbers to local shops and restaurants
    • Hear or receive text driving directions to locations
    • Listen to current weather conditions
    • Get traffic updates
    • Visit Bing 411 to learn more!

Hopefully this helps give you some guidelines
and free resources to making planning your
{Family Vacation} a little easier!

Thanks for stopping by!

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