Giveaway Announcement

there wasn't any entries for the 
giveaway so there isn't a winner
to announce today,
the good news is
I have a new free checklist
to download here.

This checklist includes items
and serving sizes for a 72 hour kit,
along with other basics
you may need during an emergency.

It also includes a blank area
to fill in family member names
and the items they are in charge
of grabbing in case your family
needs to leave in a hurry.

These freebies are free to use however you like!
There are so many restrictions to what
you can and can't use anymore online
so I decided to start providing free
items that have no TOS or strings attached.
Commercial use ok and no credit required.

In the near future, I'll start posting
FREE CU Clipart
so keep checking back. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the checklist. Its always good to be prepared!

  2. Thanks so much, just found your site through the sisterstuff linkup party!

  3. Love your blog!! Its so cute!!! I am your newest follower!!! i would love to feature you on my blog. so let me know!! :) So if you would like to go and check out my blog and follow me too! That would make my day!!! :) I am so excited to start blogging and share my ideas on food, crafts, and mineral make-up. I will also be doing giveaways on stuff, like mineral make-up. So look out for it!

  4. Too small to read on I will print it out.. Thank you for doing this. I found you on Pinterest. I see you do Digital Scrapbooking and I have been attempting to learn Photoshop I will be following you! Like your button! My email is


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