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A few months ago,
I found this cute post on {Wearable Blankets} for a baby.

My first thoughts were
"What a cute idea! I want to make one!"

As I started to make my own,
I started to think of other amazing benefits
and ideas for this {Wearable Blanket}.

{Safe and Warm Sleeping}

  • Safe: Winter was approaching and although our daughter is hopefully past the SIDS stage, it still makes me nervous sometimes to have a ton of blankets in the crib. Now we just place her in a warm sleeper and then the {Blanket Bag} and she sleeps nice and toasty without me needing to worry about suffocation.
  • Warm: As I said above, these little blankets are so warm and she can't kick it off like she would a blanket and get cold during the night. 
  • Diapers: We are getting to the stage where she has sometimes taken her diaper off during naps. My {Blanket Bag} differs from the referenced post above in the fact that I placed the zipper in the back. No more worries about unwanted diaper removals!
{Playing Warm}
  • Staying Warm: Sometimes after waking up, my daughter wants to keep her {Blanket Bag} on while she plays. She loves the challenge of trying to walk in it; however, this would be even greater for babies who can't walk or crawl yet to allow them to sit in something warm while they play with their toys.
{Stroller Blanket}
  • Buckled Blanket: Another feature I added to my {Wearable Blanket} is a a hole to allow straps to fit through. (As shown above) No more wrapping blankets around my little girl for a stroller ride that fall or get kicked off half way through the walk; the blanket is buckled in with her! 
  • Heated Rice Bags: Another great idea is to put a heated rice bag (see my Store) inside the {Wearable Blanket} that keeps her feet toasty for the entire ride.
{Car Seat Blanket}
  • Buckles in Car Seat: Not only does it buckle in a stroller, but the hole also allows her to wear it in her car seat for those chilly days. My daughter is always pulling off her shoes and socks and now she can't get to them. Perfect!
So if you want to make your own,
visit this post for the tutorial.
My alterations on the tutorial were:
1) Put zipper in back
2) Sew a hole for car seat and stroller buckling

I've also decided to sell the {Blanket Bags}
in my Store for $6.99 if you want to order one instead.

From now until March 13, use coupon code
to get 15% off your total purchase on anything in the store.

I'd love to hear your questions and suggestions!
I appreciate all of you who leave your sweet comments - 
thanks for taking the time!


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  1. Such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing, these would make great gifts.


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