Couple Weekend Getaway

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So the first in {Planning Your Vacations Series}
is the {Couple Weekend Getaway}.
I've always believed that it's important
for couples to not only have weekly dates,
but to also have a chance to
have a short vacation together.
 It's a chance to relax and enjoy an evening together
without worrying about daily parenting responsibilities.
The opportunity to be alone, talk and do activities
together can do wonders for your friendship
and put a spark back in your relationship.

Here's the steps we take to plan our {Couple Weekend Getaway}.

UPDATE: New All-In-One Packing List & Kid's Packing Cards found here!

All-In-One Packing List with Bonus Kids Packing Cards - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

1. Find a Sitter
  • Take the Kids to Someone's House: Here's a {Baby Packing Checklist} to know what to pack for a baby; however, it also works great for children.
Download Here
  • Bring a Sitter to Your House: I like having older teenagers babysit for overnighters so they can drive if needed. Find one that will not only be responsible, but will also be willing to play with the children. I also like to make things as simple as possible for the sitter so they only need to babysit and not be the mother.
    • Fill out the {Babysitter Info Form} with important info and instructions
Download Here
    • Leave an {Emergency Numbers Checklist} available
2. Before You Leave
  • Before You Leave Checklist: If you're headed away for your {Getaway}, be sure to lock up tight and follow the steps on the {Before We Leave} list

3. The Getaway
  • Staying Home: Your {Couple Weekend Getaway} can be at home! Being newlyweds on a budget meant we got to be creative. If your kids are staying elsewhere and you're staying home, here's a few ideas:
    • Dinner: Make it special! Either go out to a favorite restaurant or cook something delicious. {Click here for some easy recipes.}
    • Activities: Plan some fun interactive activities during your {Getaway}! Here's a few ideas:
      • Bowling
      • Mini Golf
      • Nickelcade
      • Ice Skating
      • Frisbee
      • Hike
      • Stargaze
      • Board Game Competitions
      • Bike Ride
      • Visit the Dating Divas or Love Actually for more ideas
    • Decorate: One of my favorite anniversaries was when my husband re-did our room to look like our room on our honeymoon at Anniversary Inn. By using cardboard, he turned our bed into a boat and created fancy windows with window boxes. Make a breakfast nook and transform your room and/or house! You can keep it simple, but still make it special. 
  • Getting Away: 
    • Packing: If you're leaving, here's {Travel Packing Checklist} to be sure you don't forget anything
    • Finding a Location: One of our favorite locations for a {Couple Weekend Getaway} is the Historic Manti House Inn. The rooms are cute and charming and a delicious breakfast is included with your room rate. The town is quiet and peaceful and we enjoy walking around.
Welcome to Historic Manti House inn.
                   Visit the Palisade Golf Course and Reservoir for a fun activity while there!
4. Have Fun!
  • Look for Bed and Breakfasts, fun hotels, or go camping! Be sure to have fun and just talk! Leave your electronics off and enjoy your {Couple Weekend Getaway} together!
Here's a list of some {Let's Talk} questions to ask each other!
Source: Dating Divas


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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Jan. 17, 2012. Thanks again.


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