Awesome Deals Site!
I have to mention this
awesome site I just found.

Not only does it have some great deals,
(iPad's for $43 and 52" TV's for $60)
but I'm also
trying to earn a tablet for my husband
through referrals on this.
(No purchase necessary - 
sign up takes less than 30 seconds!)

He ordered one on eBay and it never arrived!
We're hoping we can fight it,
but he's pretty bummed about the loss.

Even if you're not interested in the site,
but want to help me earn the tablet for Christmas,
you'll receive my School Memory Book FOR FREE
for signing up for us!

After you sign up,
leave me a comment or contact me 
with the email address to send it to.

It's called No More Rack and
this site seriously has some killer deals!
This site is trying to build their email list
so they are selling top brand name items for super cheap!

  • Sign up with No More Rack
  • Check a few times a day and look for Purple Highlighted Insanity Deal that will pop up
    • Note: Keep checking because only a few will be available! However, they guarantee over the course of a month, 1,000 of each item will go up for sale. So if you miss it, keep checking because it will pop up again!
So sign up and hopefully get some  
Christmas shopping done early!


I'd love to hear any of your questions or comments!

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