Easy Bench Backing for under $5

In the post below, I show you how to paint
clear contact paper to make bench backing;
since then I've recently discovered you can 
buy black contact paper!
I now sell Black Contact Paper for $.70 a foot in my {Store}.

The benefit to using contact paper instead of vinyl
is the black contact paper is not only easier to apply,
but is movable and you can re-position it
a few times before it loses it's stickiness;
whereas vinyl shrivels once you decide to move it. 

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So as promised,
here is another one of my
contact paper crafts.

My awesome husband made this
bench for me out of some
materials he got from our local DI.
I really wanted a sitting bench
in our entryway, 
but since we live in a split entry level house, 
the entryway is very small. 
(About 10' x 5'.)

The bench was cute, 
but I also wanted a backing on it;
it wasn't going to fit in our entryway 
if I made it much wider.
So using contact paper and paint,
I painted 10 black strips
2 inches wide and then a long strip 
that measured two inches longer than the bench.

Each strip was painted with black acrylic paint twice
and then finshed with a very thin layer of modge podge.
Then I put the strips on the wall, 
each strip two inches apart and dipping behind the bench 2 inches.
Last, I put the longer piece across the top, 
overlapping the vertical strips by about 1/2 an inch.

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  1. It looks great! I think it was a genius idea, that I might have to borrow!

  2. What a GENIUS idea Jessica! I would have never known had I not read your explanation of how you did this. Excellent job!

  3. Amazing! You are too smart. I would have never thought to do something like this but it truly looks like the bench has a back. Thank you for sharing your idea with us at Inspiration Friday, we are going to share it on our Facebook page. :)



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