Creating Handouts In PowerPoint

Can I just say how much I love PowerPoint? 
How often have I tried to create 
a cute handout or list in Word 
with clip art and you have to fight where it goes 
and right click and say "In front of Text" on each image.

Then I figured out why not do it in PowerPoint? 
I can import as many pictures or clip art photos 
as I want and move them around to my heart's content

It's saved me so much time and frustration, 
not to mention 
I love the photo editing features 
that comes with PowerPoint. 

A lot of people ask me why I don't use Publisher 
or an actual graphic program, 
and that's because I don't HAVE them, 
but I do have PowerPoint
I realize they can all do a lot of the same features 
but I want to use something that 
most people already have 
and not have to convince people 
to go make a purchase;
not to mention most people (or their kids) 
already know how to use PowerPoint

It's user friendly from the start! 
Brochures, handouts, pretty much anything can be made in a snap!

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