Free Year Supply Food Storage Checklist
I've just finished the Free Year Supply Checklist.
My cousin from Deals to Meals
provides an amazing service.
She tells you the best prices
at the stores for that week
and then gives you recipes to go along
with the food sale items.

She is huge on food storage and
provided a checklist to help you know 
what and how much to gather for your food supply.

I took the info and put it into a format I liked
while adding a few more items.
When I first got married, 
I didn't know where to start and was overwhelmed.
This would have been perfect for me because
this list has every item
you would ever need to cook with
plus extra room to add your own items.

The four pages are divided into different food groups.
Notice PF stands for Per Family and PP stands for Per Person

The very left column tells you the amounts to gather for a years supply.
A years supply can be overwhelming so
I divided mine by 4 and multiplied by 3 (size of our family) to get us started.

The right column is where I keep how much I have with a PENCIL.
This way you can change the quantities as you use/add to them.

I keep this list in a folder in my pantry. 
As I use things up, mark it off!
 I always know how much I have on hand 
and don't end up buying a bunch of stuff, 
only to find I already had it on another shelf!

 Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for stopping by!

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